about Julian Lallo

Hi, my name is Julian Lallo and Iā€™m a Melbourne based fashion and lifestyle photographer.

When picking up the camera back in 2015 I was heavily influenced by street photography and capturing city-scapes - this was before I started to venture out of the city discovered a passion for capturing the unison of nature and people. 

With a little push to go outside of my comfort zone, alongside some great opportunities, my portraiture soon became fashion focused. My willingness to embrace diverse work practices and my flexibility towards an evolving photographic career, allowed me to shoot campaigns ranging from street wear to high end couture.

As an ambassador for Canon Australia I connected in to the wider Victorian photography community, where I had the pleasure to run numerous photography events and learn from many like-minded individuals.

When I am not shooting fashion I also specialise in food, travel and music photography. I have a passion for travel and roaming the globe and can be available for campaigns worldwide.


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To me photography is a means of communication... a way of envoking emotion without words